The UAI-10 acoustic cable fault detection unit is a portable high voltage device, which is used mainly at power supply enterprises to locate faults in low and medium voltage power cables, as well as in control cables (control cables).

UAI-10 is designed to create shock acoustic waves in the place of damage to the cable line with subsequent listening to these acoustic waves over the place of damage.

UAI-10 is a complete device that does not require a special high-voltage charger.

Possibility of smooth adjustment of the time between acoustic shock waves.

The possibility of visual control of the time remaining before the creation of an acoustic shock wave and visual control of the voltage on the storage capacitor.

The unit has a symmetrical output, that is, a symmetrical connection (without ground potential) of a damaged pair of wires is possible to the connecting terminals.

Controlled by a remote control or smartphone app for added convenience and security.

Ability to work from a portable power plant with a capacity of at least 1 kVA.

The unit weighs no more than 13 kg and can be carried by one person.





Supply voltage, V:                                                                     220

Maximum supply current consumption, A:                                5

Maximum output voltage, kV:                                                   10

Maximum discharge pulse energy, J:                                       1035

Storage capacity, uF:                                                                21

Pulse interval, sec:                                                                    3 – 25

Overall dimensions, mm:                                                           620x500x230

Weight no more, kg:                                                                  13