Installation afterburning insulation of cable lines UD-10 is a powerful portable device, mainly used in power supply enterprises to determine the location of damage in power cables.

The UD-10 installation is indispensable in the transformation of a single-phase circuit into an interphase one due to the creation of a powerful arc at the point of cable damage, as well as for creating a short circuit at the point of damage, which greatly facilitates the search by the inductive method.

Smooth adjustment of the current allows you to control the process of burning the arc at the point of cable damage.

Possibility to connect the UD-10 unit to both single-phase and three-phase networks (it can also operate from two phases).

Controlled by a remote control or smartphone app for added convenience and security.

The installation weighs no more than 10 kg and can be carried by one person.





Supply voltage, V:                                          380 / 220

Rated output voltage of idling, V:                  220

Output voltage type:                                      DC

Output voltage range, V:                               0 - 220

Rated output current A:                                 300

Overall dimensions, mm:                              620x500x230

Weight no more, kg:                                     10