UPI-10 is a powerful portable high-voltage device, which is mainly used at power supply enterprises to locate faults in low and medium voltage power cables, as well as in control cables (control cables).

The high output power of the device and stable operation in the event of a short circuit make it possible in almost all cases to easily turn high-resistance and floating cable faults into a low-resistance parallel shunt, and often even into a short circuit.

Possibility of step and smooth adjustment of the voltage at the output, as well as smooth adjustment of the current at the output.

The ability to smoothly adjust the frequency of the installation (14 - 33 kHz), which allows you to match the load resistance, since the installation is built according to a resonant circuit.

Possibility to increase the output voltage up to 20 kV using the attachment.

The installation has a symmetrical output, i.e. a symmetrical connection (without ground potential) of a damaged pair of wires is possible to the connection terminals.

Controlled by a remote control or smartphone app for added convenience and security.

Ability to work from a portable power plant with a capacity of at least 1 kVA.

The unit weighs no more than 13 kg and can be carried by one person.





The highest rectified voltage, kV:                                                                                       5/1/0.5

Maximum operating current at rectified voltage, A:                                                            0.8/4/8

The highest alternating voltage (output to the attachment), kV:                                         7

The highest operating current at alternating voltage (output to the attachment), mA:       400

Maximum supply current consumption, A:                                                                         20

Supply voltage, V:                                                                                                              220

Overall dimensions, mm:                                                                                                   620x500x230

Weight no more, kg:                                                                                                          13